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Our Policies

  1. Our main objective is to provide you with a trustworthy and quality cleaning service.
  2. MHP will provide a cleaning service only after an estimate has been conducted and approved by the client. We do not send our staff to perform a service without previously conducting an estimate (this assures the best results and helps avoid miscommunication errors).
  3. Credit cards accepted are American Express, Visa, and/or MasterCard.
  4. We need the information of one of the accepted credit cards before the service is provided and the authorization to process the payment after the service has been completed.  
  5. The New York State sales tax of 8.875% will be added to each invoice for the service provided.
  6. All payments must be sent to our billing address or by using the credit card payment method. The service will be interrupted when an invoice reaches 30 days past due from the invoice date.
  7. Cleaning supplies may be provided to our clients and billed on the next invoice separate from the labor charges.
  8. Our regular clients must keep a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies at their location.
  9. Our clients must notify us if there are any hazardous conditions at the location where our staff will provide the cleaning service.
  10. Sexual harassment or indecent exposure are unacceptable and are a violation of the law.